Everyone is Equal… But some are more equal than others..

No surprise this week to see Harriet Harman get away with a measly fine of £350 for her crash and drive incident a few months ago.

I’m not sure what infuriated me more about this case. The fact that Harman got away with such a lenient punishment or the fact that she thinks so much of herself in the first place that she can just crash into someone and say “I’m Harriet Harman, you can find me at the Home Office”

This seems to encompass my (and presumably a few others) rage at the MPs over the past few months.

I know comparissons to 1984 have been done to death, but it’s as if there is an inner party, which is Parliament (and the rich and famous), who can get away with anything they want, look down on us like we need saving, whilst controlling us. Then there is your outer party, medium sized businesses who can get away with a fair bit but are still worth a lot more to the party than what the rest of us are. Common proles.

We can kick up a fuss every now and then but we are always talked over, never answered directly and only rarely able to properly hold the government to account. What is the point in voting out one bunch of crooks if only to be replaced by another?

If they want us to be governed by them, they must first be governed by the same rules as the proles.


One Response to “Everyone is Equal… But some are more equal than others..”

  1. Ash Says:

    Loved how you used the line from “Animal Farm” to make your point.

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