The BNP, fascist bigots or Socialist bigots?

Lord Tebbit has said that in his opinion the BNP are just “Old Labour with added racism”

This is something I have been screaming about for months. If you actually look beyond the racism (not that you need to because thats enough to never be interested in them again) they do in fact have many socialist policies.

If you were to walk back into the 1950s and see the BNP manifesto, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for being the Labour government of the day. If, as I have  stated in a previous post you would of course be forgiven for having no idea who the Labour or Conservative manifesto of today would belong to back then.

This constant assumption that fascism and racism are mutually exclusive is simply not the case. Stalin was another racist totalitarian who would murder people because of what race they belonged to.

Why am I even bothering to point this out?

Because it is important for people to understand what we need to do to appease these BNP voters. The problems for them quite often is not immigration. BNP are taking votes from traditional old Labour mining towns who are more and more disillusioned by British politics and what they have to offer the working classes. Many of these people live in towns where they would never have even seen an immigrant let alone have their “job taken” by one.

If you want to appease parties like the BNP, then concessions do have to be made. They do not however have to be concessions which are tantamount to racism. By giving a little, you can suffocate the extremists. This is something the two main parties could, if careful do properly.

Policies that genuinely would benefit the unemployed rather than putting them in a poverty trap, for example; would help. Having a genuine discussion on immigration, with proper outcomes instead of people screaming racist as soon as you bring up the topic. Instead, we are getting to a position where the BNP have councillors, as well as a London Assembly member as well as MEPs. Thanks to FPTP it looks like we won’t be seeing a BNP MP, but, unless we start addressing why people vote that way, who knows what the future holds for these… Fascist?… Communist….? Socialist…?… Bigots.


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