Chancellor debates. Winner and Losers?

Well, tonight saw all 3 potential future chancellors debating on Channel 4…

I must admit, I didn’t even know it was on, it must have passed me by, and from what I have heard so far, a lot of people had no idea it was coming…

Your humble preacher does not believe that a hung parliament is something that we are likely to see in the next election, and in the (in my opinion) unlikely scenario of a hung parliament, a general election will be called pretty soon after.

I do however know what happened in these debates, and it was obvious before they even started that this would happen.

Vince Cable, a man who is seen (and I would not argue against this) as somewhat of a moral pillar in a sordid and dirty Parliament. He comes up with a lot of ideas that a lot of people can agree with as well, which helps.

But that’s simply because, he can afford to.

Vince Cable can afford to sit on the sidelines and make as many ideas up as he wants, because he knows he will never be called upon to implement them. In the scenario where there is a coalition government I very much doubt that Mr Cable will be allowed to take the role of Chancellor which is the second (or one could even argue in this economic climate) the most important job in the country.

This doesn’t mean that he should not be fulfilling this role however, as it keeps both parties on their toes, and it is also possible that they can even steal some of his policies if they like them, cheeky, but still beneficial to the country…

Both of the parties with a real chance of forming government however could learn a lot from a straight talking man who is well respected for not using smoke and mirrors as one of his main political weapons…


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