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Cuts: Tradition and Transition.

March 27, 2010

Now we all know what the stereotype is when we look at Conservatives and Labour.

Labour are the working class representatives, and as a result they will protect the welfare state till their dying breath.

The Conservatives are evil milk snatchers who benefit the rich by cutting services to the poor, thus reducing the tax bill.

These stereotypes are near impossible to get rid off, even if you have 20 foot high billboards with your face on spread across the UK.

Cuts, or whatever you want to call them in newspeak are a real reality in the near future, whatever party we vote in, that is out of the question, what is being questioned is how soon and how much…

Now stay with me for a moment here because this is where tradition is going to play into the hands of Labour.

Labour founded the NHS, the Liberals founded a lot of the earlier parts of the welfare state such as a state pension but long before the majority of us were born.

The NHS is Labour’s invention, and they are a lot more trusted with it than the Conservatives. This coupled with their fighting for the working class” status is something they will enjoy at the polls.

However, I put it to you that BECAUSE of this Labour will be a lot more able and likely to make cuts or “efficiency savings” in the NHS.

I’d just like to point out here that I don’t want anyone coming and telling me what Brown or Darling has said because let’s be honest, we are far too intelligent to just believe what they say when it comes to budgets, all politicians for that matter. Every truth that can be twisted will be twisted to the edge of breaking point.

Nigel Lawson, former chancellor famously said “The NHS is the closest thing the people of Britain have to the NHS” and I couldn’t agree more. But in this sense, Labour are viewed as the Priests.

The point is, if cuts have to come in the NHS, Labour will be best placed to make them. Thatcher and Major did very little to fundamentally alter the NHS, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were scared.

In contrast Labour have privatised NHS logistics, and made alterations to fundamental parts of the NHS. Polyclinics are perhaps the biggest fundamental change the NHS has seen since its birth.

In contrast take the Conservatives, lets say they managed to cut 10% of the NHS budget, purely through efficiency, then put half of that saved 10% back in to increase productivity by 10%.

That is a 5% saving and a 10% increase in productivity.

Which part do you think would grab the headlines? The 5% poor person killing cut is what would grab the headline.

Labour are still in some places seen as working class heroes, and they have the ability to cut more from public services because of this, but the Tories have more will…