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An Englishman’s Home: His Castle? Or His Prison?

January 23, 2010

Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere in recent weeks you would have heard about the extraordinary case of Munir Hussein. 

He came home, his family were tied up with knives tho their throats… He got away, and bashed one of their heads in with a cricket bat…. Whilst chasing them down the street…. 

Now, Munir Hussein and his brother were put in prison as a result of this attack. But should they have been? 

There are clear arguments for yes and no, and many people are calling for the law to be reviewed. 

Yes, the men clearly no longer posed an immediate threat to the Husseins, they had just run out of his house… However, who is not to say that next week they would have come back? Or that they would have done it to another family and heaven forbid this time actually used the knife? 

If this is the view you take you would no doubt feel that Hussein deserves a medal and the status of local hero. 

He did however break the cricket bat in 3 places, over a mans head, savagely beating him so that he was seriously disabled. 

Personally, I feel that if anyone came into my home, I would do the same, and I would want to make sure that I hurt him so bad that he would not be making a return in the near future. People that hold knives to the throats of people deserve everything they get.
Personally, I would have probably ended up with the cricket bat being broken in six places.
So hoorah, when we saw Sir Paul Stevenson, Chief of the Met, the most senior police officer in the land saying that we should, rather than threatening with prosecution, promote the idea of people fighting off these intruders. 

That’s where things get a bit tricky. 

A fair few people have died in the past few years trying to stop intruders, and these vigilantism, is something which could be abused.

People should do what they want, if they want to. If someone decides that they want to take the risk of fighting a knife wielding scumbag then let him, and good luck to him. One thing is for sure, if people are having a knife held to the throat of their loved one, they shouldn’t be told that because they hit the guy to a pulp that they are now being prosecuted more severely than the knife holder. 

Personally, I would like to thank Mr Hussein, I can now sleep, slightly safer, knowing that there is one less person running around holding knives to the throats of hard working members of society…